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r as this fireworks show gets under way. wgn news @ 9 he had his camera ready because it dangerous attacks in his neighbor caught a beating on tape the target of the attack stabbed twice in the hospital tonight. top story seen around the country tonight police going through the videotape looking for suspects in the attack. live in a newsroom with more. witnesses said it appears the man was beaten over a spilled a drink in large group of people walked by a smaller group a drink was spelled words were exchanged and now a man is
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hospitalized. the video is shocking 15-20 young adults kicking and beating and stabbing a man late sunday night in the 33 block of north halstead >> we did not know exactly what happened words were exchanged and it erupted into a mob attack >> about to go for a walk with íçfriends john and tony when there were alerted to a large group heading in that direction a fight broke out quickly over in less than two minutes but not before the 25 year-old victim was stabbed twice in the chest >> at some point he was stabbed numerous times before being thrown against the building across the street >> people were running in giving a quick jab and kicked and sharing it on a massive riot it was escalating very fast >> just as fast as the crowd dispersed, john went to help
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toni called authorities and robert continue to shoot video camera out and ready because of the recent stabbings on the block all 3 dedicated members of their neighborhood watch want to turn the area are proud >> i cannot believe it normally is a quiet neighborhood is an entertainment district but usually people are just passing by going to where they need to go it is a big eye opener >> the victim is in serious condition chicago police have been examining the video and are interviewing witnesses to try to identify the attackers but nobody is in custody >> children playing with fireworks and chicagos pilsen neighborhood thought to be responsible for an extra alarm fire at a three story brick building this afternoon more than 150 firefighters responded to the blaze that spread to nearby buildings and 80 year old woman rescued and hospitalized
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in fair to serious condition. >> is independence day a beautiful day and after a day of parades picnics chicago celebrating with a fireworks display at navy pier >> who says that you need to have fireworks on the third of july nobody thinking of that today only about the anticipation of the july 4th fireworks on at navy pier brewing all day long, is exciting >> it is, i am looking forward to fireworks the big explosive ones that go high in the air >> have you ever been to navy pier before for that? >> yes >> you have good seats all right let's look at these guys people are taking pictures of me is very weird do not run away you come here all of the time? >> first time on the navy pier
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for the fireworks on the fourth of july >> did you go to the bonds on july 3rd before? >> just drove it today >> have a good time? have you been out here all day long? >> all day long have been a great time >> look at their territory right there that is their territory and cupcake, you guys came in from rockport? >> yes we try to get off camera >> sorry we got you, excited about the fireworks? >> they do not have them anywhere, we are looking for to them for awhile >> in july and to thank you happy july 4th to you this is the east end of the navy pier very crowded and everybody is having a great time so we are looking for to get back to you guys >> looks like a great night and
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looks like they have begun just about four minutes ago the fireworks began live shot from a peak year we will have a full recap to see the fall show coming up at 9:30 p.m.. getting ready for a big fireworks show and naperville in this hour as well celebrated not only the fourth of july but the four day long ribfest 14 competitors vying for the best ribs, the honor went to johnson's this year which also want best sauce, sponsored by the exchange club which gutted the proceeds to 50 agencies to help eliminate child abuse topping off at 50,000 peoplesaid the organizers in its 24th year this year. >> governor pat quinn could best of honor at today's fourth of july parade in des plaines ñdelivered a positive message about people participating in
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government the governor signed three bills into law making public access easier in his words democracy is not a spectator sport >> weather and des plaines or cook county or in the state of illinois or anywhere in the country participation in elections is the fundamental act of citizenship >> legislation signed by gov. quinn lawyers petitioned signature requirements for referendums and makes it easier to petition for amendments to the illinois state constitution >> accused of a suburban murder more than 50 years after it happened still to come in washington man has a day in court, also the unusual locations for a statue of ronald reagan >> meteorologist tom skilling says we could be in for another hot day tomorrow he will tell us how warm it will be coming up.
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wgn news @ 9 jack daniel mccullough maria ridulph jack daniel mccullough train ticket for that day never used case went cold when he changed his name and joined the military. first day of jury deliberations over in the murder trial of casey anthony accused of killing her 2 year old
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daughter cayley anthony in 2008, jurors started deliberating after a new following a cut in closing argument the prosecution, anthony portrayed as a pathological liar and a party girl whose small child caught in the way and had to go deliberations will resume tomorrow morning. former international monetary domnique strauss-kahn fund-could be facing a new sexual assault charges this time in france, tristan bannon a french journalist accusing him of attempted rape back in 2003, she will file a formal complaint tomorrow she did not bring charges back in 2003 because her mother eight midlevel socialist party member advised against it domnique strauss-kahn also a member of the socialist party an attorney for domnique strauss- kahn said countercharges have been filed against the writer for false declarations. the late president ronald reagan is
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memorialized in london today a statue unveiled at the united states embassy a tribute to his contribution to ending the cold war. invited health concerns tapped former prime minister margaret thatcher from attending issued a statement saying president reagan was a great president and a great man after a picture perfect fourth of july we could see temperatures drop by mid-week next meteorologist tom skilling tells us how low they will go. and redemption on the south side a big night the chicago white sox.
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and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. even if you ordered it you cannot have a perfect day for fourth of july as today >> this was absolutely beautiful, low humidity warm temperatures low 90s in the suburbs skiing today in a snowbird you taught at the latest to have never skied the close down the season at the same at a lake tahoe today there was snow skiing in the chicago except of the water
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variety, look at the mariners on the lake today and look at how sharp the horizon is, where can you get a july 4th with so little haze and humidity in the air, big storms are flaring tonight in the upper midwest and down to the south of us, but it be great big wide open pressure that dominated july 4th a front sitting in the area to the northwest, with thunderstorms down to the area perhaps early tomorrow night sometime, they should be fading out as they come through but they may be a bigger risk to the north as they are in northern minnesota tonight where there are big storms flaring extending into south dakota look at the sky in pineridge south dakota and approaching system that you can see thunderstorm watch is in effect in these counties shading under thunderstorm warnings a lot of action going on up there but again how much does that hold together by the time tomorrow night we will
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have to wait and see i think tomorrow will be gorgeous with lots of sunshine building clouds late in the day and began a 30% coverage nighttime thunderstorms situation a high of 89 degrees in chicago today to degrees below the level we had one year ago on july 4th going to 90 degrees tomorrow and cooling off after that look at how widespread the warm weather was on this fourth of july, extending north into canada, wide coverage at this hour still warm 90s in oklahoma and kansas 80s all of the way north to the canadian border near international falls much of the area west and north has seen at a temperature increase we will have a few more degrees to the temperature tomorrow starting with relatively low humidity building in the afternoon feeling more humid later in the day, wind at the moment east and
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northeast 6 mi. per hour nice lake cooling at the shoreline humidity 39% tonight here you can see the thunderstorms tracking across the upper midwest parts of minnesota still quite a way from us temperatures remaining lovely tonight not a drop of rain within 100 mi. apart aired yet nor is any expected in the middle of high-pressure very little wind most of the action in the atmosphere is sinking of moving off again the wind light tomorrow turning off of the lake as a lake breese in the afternoon and here are the thunderstorms that flare up later in the day but as you can see may not survive all of the way through our area at for everybody and a lot of cloud cover later on wednesday mostly cloudy day new storms clinks out the bus and a couple of showers developing in our area, we will look for high pressure to dominate thursday with severe
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weather north and west of us during the day tomorrow at here is what happened to the rest of the week, west and northwest " keeping a dome of hot air to the west and moderate brand of warm weather expected and the heat will begin to build towards us but also will be humidity with a jet stream slicing through it looking like a big thunderstorm set up late sunday and monday. you can see the rain forecast the next few days the happiest north the bus at stop the bus but not in the chicago area, rain will be quite scattered probably not come until sometime tomorrow night here is it the jumping towards the weekend a bubble of high pressure coming in for a few days later this week keeping the '80s going '70s to the beaches and then low pressure beginning to develop out to the bust a bus the
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southwest float that by late in the weekend at this coming weekend we will begin to warm up and before the heat gets out of control here is another front comment early next week turning the wind in from the north with pretty good rain and a fault system coming to the area. chicago forecast for tonight could not be nicer with clear and comfortable weather for the fireworks. though temperatures 62 degrees tonight tomorrow gorgeous mostly sunny breezy temperatures with higher and humidity in the afternoon towards and 90 degrees with an east wind off of the lake. tomorrow night there could be a shower or thunderstorm, if they hold together, get from wisconsin 20-30% coverage, wednesday mostly cloudy but moderate humidity and a chance of an isolated thunderstorm in the south suburbs. all in the
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'70s at the beaches and part seven day forecast, friday up to 83 degrees and 91 degrees by sunday with thunderstorms late sunday and monday. monday will lower temperature to mid '80s. we have all lot of rain it has let up and we may be seeing signs of more rain coming back again later sunday monday otherwise a pitiful forecast could not have been nicer today >> tonight's local lottery drawing is next and plenty of fireworks on the field as the chicago cubs did battle in the nation's capital and the chicago white sox welcomed the kansas city royals highlights coming up.
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wgn news @ 9 dan miller is here anyway steve roan let's talk about the white sox in the first of the 19th straight within their division and the white sox know it can beat do or die have to get something out of adam dunn happy fourth of july 1st of three out of kansas city dunn got a hit early a big one late runner on post game fireworks early dunn homer sergio santos could not hold it
9:26 pm
in the ninth inning, alex rios chased it to defense but on further review a home run for- four, bottom of night and, dunn up stepped off of the robert ofbalk off win 5-4 for the white sox, maybe scared to pitch to dunn adam's night at the ballpark >> i keep telling you guys after awhile you just need one big hit that put the crowd back in your this guy went through tough times and hopefully he will get going >> chicago cubs and washington this holiday to take on the nationals, not going away at all comes down soriano pops up to date switch uniforms? two runs command and the chicago cubs take date 3-2 lead, kerry wood
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lost tying run 4-4, worse in the 10th, jason werth at 3rd marmol wild pitch to lose game, if that is not the chicago cubs in a nutshell i did not know what is. tour de france american fireworks across the atlantic, american tyler farrar final few meters of the stage polls to the front and just gets passed the overall race leader jose rojas tyler farrar wins a third stage first american ever to win a stage on the fourth of july. finally and independence day tradition, hot dog eating contest, nathan's, watching joey chestnut throw down 62 dogs, rooftop kobayashi threw down 69 unofficial record all he had was a stomachache.
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